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Hahahahahaha. Very true. Motorbikes are bloody death traps.


In the wrong hands

@Penance along in 5 4 3 2…


The right hands:


I should clarify. It’s not normally the rider, it’s the Muppet car driver who pulls out, overtakes or does a u turn without checking rear mirror or blind spot.


Bikers are great.
It’s myopic drivers that are the issue.



I just had a quick read of Wikipedia on him. I remember a book I had as a child, which listed a few chess matches, and his were astonishing. I knew he had gone a bit bonkers, but really had no idea.

His anti-Semitism was impressive: He openly denied the Holocaust, and called the United States “a farce controlled by dirty, hook-nosed, circumcised Jew bastards”. This despite having a Jewish mother.

You wonder what he could have achieved with modern techniques of mental healthcare.


He played chess. That’s not an achievement, that’s displacement activity that barely ranks above golf!

Perhaps wonder what he might have achieved if he’d ever used his considerable intelligence for something useful…



Devo,1980,Hyde Park



Is that Peter Frampton on stage in the first one ?


So the fact that you never see a motorbike sticking to the speed limit has nothing to do with it?


When Mrs VB drove her 125 up and down the A34 she stuck to the speed limit (to be fair, on the 125 she didn’t have much choice). In fact though I think she still pretty much stuck to it when she passed her test and got the 500.



My dad rode a bike for 55 years with the last being a BMW k1200gt which is bloody fast but never once had an accident or got a ticket for speeding (or even went too fast) He used to ride it to work everyday which was a round trip of 120 Miles.

He’s only stopped now because the arthritis in his hands is too painful.

Not all bikers go fast and not all bike accidents are caused by cars.


I’m guessing you’re one of those blind drivers that doesn’t see bikes very well.


Not at all. And I certainly know a high percentage of accidents involving bikes are caused by careless drivers who are not aware of what’s around them. But my point about speed is also valid. If you are on a road with a 60 limit, and you are sticking to it, a bike will always overtake.


No, your point is no such thing. Just stereotyping a whole group.

I’ve been over taken by a car before so it’s a fact that all drivers speed, isn’t it.


Barry sheene disguised as injured evil kinevil jumping 23 cars London 1973image


Wow! Never knew that he ‘deputised’ for EK


It seems it isn’t true