Any old Pics


Mmmmwaaaahhhh! :disappointed_relieved:


My new morning ritual is to put on the Schumanns and drink green tea. Yesterday I had a bunch of disco records to go through and play test. I was listening to the first 12" closed my eyes and this happened in the mind garden.


Are they an audience and, if so, what are they watching ?



The Mr. MWS mating prance is potent and beguiling… Wait till Lopwell


Is the woman in the red dress “post office girl” ? She seems to be the only one without an ID lanyard (shades of Behind The Green Door ?).



I have a thing about lanyards, arm pit hair, tights and Davy Graham look alikes it seems




What disco records? They do that …list swap for out of season mince pies


Listen to this whilst staring at the pic above

Within 3 minutes your mind will have undressed one of the ladies whilst scoring 2g of gak from the Davy Graham lookalike.


20 secs more like…

A quart of quiche for a disc of disco?


Good to see Michael Eavis bottom left



I had to ask him to leave, he kept frotting bow tie girl and grunting like a hog…Step off Michael, if there’s any grunting to be done - it’ll be done by Mr. MWS! Damn your peaceful eyes.


Given the dorm bunks, was that pic actually taken at Lopwell ?



The only thing I saw aroused was that seal. :roll_eyes:


Yeah, well

Sleep in your car = miss out on slumber party

It was great :astonished:


The Gorbals - Glasgow 1966


Tube 1968. When they still had ticket inspectors.


When milk was good for you.


At least there’s no trampoline.


Policing the yout, Hyde Park 1926.