Any old Pics


Evolution by Means of Natural Selection …



Gas powered boots 1952


The King & Carter Jazzing Orchestra photographed in Houston, Texas, January 1921.


No introduction necessary


What a waste


nice footwear :astonished:
just the thing for a tightrope walk across Niagara Falls




Ok then, what’s the kit behind him?


Gene your arm is a bit up at the back.

Fucked VTA? You’ve done a Hackman


Amp looks like a Bell 2200c with the original 5881s replaced by something taller (KT66s at a guess). They did come with plain-fronted knobs as well as the pointery ones in this pic

Or I suppose it could be some sort of clone.



Not old pictures, but some wonderful images here, ranging from unsettling through funny to beautiful.


Diego Maradona needing a few lessons on vinyl care


Nah - he’s got the hand of God :+1:


Marriott liked faff and smoking jackets.


Not sure Jebus had this in mind.


No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition?


Apparently it is a “greed trainer”


Torturing someone’s hands after you’ve cut them off - what’s the point in that? :laughing:


Classic Christian anti-wanking contraption, 100% effective.


Robert Doisneau - Be-bop in the cellar, Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, Paris 1951