Any old Pics


Clash 1979


Air con lawnmower




The Gallo garden





Excellent for hayfever sufferers too :+1:


One of three banks of cylinders of Junkers’ Jumo 223 engine (1940) a 1.4 tonne near 30-litre 2,500hp aero engine eventually cancelled due to inherent design faults.

Wonder if one of these could be dropped into a Volvo? :thinking:

more here if you want it -


Edinburgh 1920


Nearly the same…


BB :heart:



Football in a dry dock, Royal Albert Docks, London, 30 April 1931.


On days when responsibilities burden is hard to bare (I waited in a que for 3 minutes today - The indignity!!) The ‘American dream’s’ allure is tantalizing, I like to drift in fantasy about the freedoms of being a box car Hobo. I could apportion blame for this defective thinking to Kerouac, a misspent youth or simply the dullness of domesticity but blame is for cunts I have no wish to amend, fix, adapt or oppress myself and besides the romantic notion of itinerant mischief laced with the promise of freedom rather appeals.

Below - Ernest Hemingway hopping a freight train between boxcars to get to Walloon Lake in 1916. (Via WikiCommons)


Waited in a what ?



I often let the grey matter drift into similar dreams. Hearing Roger Miller as a kid is what got me started. Very evocative lyrics


Quite, it was an abysmal process.

N.B: …_____________“A person who is excessively concerned with minor details and rules or with displaying academic learning.”

As far as I can see this sounds like a terrible state of being.


Not great for general health or life expectancy, the train hopping hobo style. Watched a documentary about it a few years ago. I suspect it’d quickly lose its appeal.




I don’t doubt that there are other exotic ways of travelling & meeting like minded people that don’t threaten death by hypothermia or the loss of limbs.


The sap is failing to rise at the thought of bowie knife whittling a folk art masterpiece on a nice safe tour bus.