Any old Pics


Also, think of the blues masterpieces you will write as you cook your Showboat pork’n’beans over your Sterno tin under a big ol’ moon, with just the mournful sound of the Union Pacific E9’s horns blaring through the nearby junction to keep you company…


River man



Alf Garnett?


Henry Kissinger I think. Oops, I thought you meant Stu’s pic of the cassette revival.



I’m enjoying pondering what the fuck " Power Stance blaster" is playing and to whom. Also wondering how he stuck a ghetto blaster to his teats? Nipple rings?


I assumed he was making a bootleg recording. Didn’t Serge make recordings once upon a time ?



I always suspected a deviant side, defo pierced nips.


The Hindenburg over NYC, 1938.


I think the spire was designed as an airship mooring mast…


I like the photo for a number of reasons, not least because it could be a GY!BE album cover. The whole scene looks portentous, not just for the fate of Hindenburg but the coming war.


Proper shorts, socks and shoes. That man had standards we should all aspire to.


I thought the same. It just needs a bit of a border…








Nice one - there wasn’t any info with the photo I posted guessing maybe pre WWI ?