Any old Pics


My guess would be Hackney.


No, he means hackney. He’s on the no capitals club.


ahhhhh, i see


London record shop 1955


I have one of those HMV record players in the loft,must be worth in excess of 12 quid i’d of thought.


A gaggle of them at 10 min 25s

Be nice to travel back to this shop at around 58 min


1960s postcards;


Good grief man, you missed out Redcar


“No man is an island”.

Except Barry.





I’d have accepted Lewis. But there are more islands called Canvey than there are men, I think. Otherwise you’d be trawling for people called Fetlar.



Nobody could be that unlucky


You get into a very circular argument with the Isle of Man too.



Few more



I thought it was Ay Palling :smirk:


One from my home town.


Most people used to sign off with ‘wish you were here - instead of me’


Ah, the delights of the English seaside holiday. Soon they’ll be back and Boris will be happy.


In most places those are historical documents. In Margate they are shop stock.


As album covers for pipe organ music go, this shows promise