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Good spot. I knew I’d seen the building somewhere before :yum:


On yer bike

Alice backfires
Frank backrests
Sly stolen seat
Zep bikes
Dirty revs
Lemmy no sole brother
Hunter reach around


I saw The Tubes on this tour



Female Indian telephone switchboard operator - “Helen of Many Glacier Hotel.”, 26 June 1925




Supporting Madarse Joblot?


Must have been very early 1980’s (my sister had already moved to Oxford), so maybe they were still bringing the bike on stage for effect.

The other way round IIRC. It was right before Madarse split.



Pedaled roller skates, 1910


The Barrison Sisters were a risqué vaudeville act which performed in the United States and Europe from about 1893 to 1897; in the United States they were advertised as The Wickedest Girls In the World.
*The Barrison Sisters, c. 1890s, reveal kittens beneath their skirts.


Brings a whole new meaning to lift up your skirt and show us yer pussy


D.Trump quote?


The real girl from Ipanema


Thamesmead 1975

Back then the council checked people’s suitability to live on a brutalist new town constructed on eleven hundred acres of marshland site between Plumstead and Erith, formerly used by the Woolwich armoury. Picking the right people (prospective residents were interviewed) would ensure the approved mixes of ages to occupy the homes, shop at a centre built around a marina, use the train station and cross the bridge over the Thames. Social engineering would create a concrete utopia in a place so wet all habitable rooms had to be built at first floor level. Walkways in the sky would give residents dry feet and a view of the marshes, parkland and the River Thames.

“The mile upon mile of walkways did mean that we had all this void space on the ground floor,” says Alison Breese. “What happened was that you then dislocated people from living in the street – there was no surveillance of the street. When people came out of their cars, they were walking into ‘no man’s land’. Over the years it became a place where people felt uncomfortable where it was dark.”

The marina never came. No bridge was built. No train station arrived. By the 1970s, Thamesmead had become a sink estate where “problem families from across the capital were dumped onto the estate so the original tenants that were able to, moved out”. The place was a trap. The council and architects had put vanity and design over people. Stanley Kubrick filmed scenes for Anthony Burgess’s dystopian novel A Clockwork Orange (1972) at South Thamesmead’s Southmere Lake. The sun never rose on the planners’ rosy-fingered dawn .

“The promises that were made to the original people that eventually there would be homes for them, their children and their grandchildren, that was never achieved,” says Ted Claridge was a local councillor at that time. “There were going be jobs – those jobs never materialised.” It’s hard to crate a soulful community from scratch. As Barnabas Calder, the architectural historian, out it, Brutalism had come “to be seen as the architectural style of the welfare state”.



Milena Canonero. :ok_hand:


Anyone who champions the cod piece and john bull hat deserves adulation


Shakespeare wuz born ere.


Needs UVPC Windows and re-rendering otherwise I would consider it.

Thought you were looking further west, mind you this looks like it has a few spare rooms for future bakeoffs.


Most of my 1990s were spent working for local authorities. When I worked for Greenwich I spent lots of time on Thamesmead. It was indeed incredibly bleak. I worked for projects helping people get into or back into work.

Apathy was the biggest problem by far.


The tallest,shortest and fattest men of Europe playing cards in 1913;



Is he still tallest without the hat? :thinking: