Any old Pics


Fat bloke wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow now.


While looking at images of the old BSA made Ariel 3 moped I came across this more exotic Continental offering.

Made BSA’s marketing effort look a little sad!

My Dad worked at BSA as a consultant during its demise through the 60’s & into the 70’s & I recall him bringing home a brochure for the Ariel 3 & querying the wisdom of the company pursuing it as a project. It’s often cited as the cause of their demise but realistically I think they’d been failing to compete with the Japanese (on conventional bikes) for some time.

There are some quite amusing Youtube films about the factory (4 altogether I think). It’s no wonder they couldn’t compete when you watch how they were still making things.

The Ariel 3 is so odd I’d actually like one.:grinning:



Westminster 1909


Someone was brave. I wonder if it was from a balloon.


I suppose it must have been



These stunning aerial photographs over London make up the first-ever comprehensive bird’s-eye view of our capital city - dating back to 1909.

The photos, showing Buckingham Palace, Westminster, South Kensington and even Chelsea’s football ground Stamford Bridge, were taken by pioneering scientist Sir Norman Lockyer.

He took to the skies in a helium balloon and soared 500ft over London to shoot the breathtaking never-before-seen views.


Buck House


Trafalgar Square - note the lack of traffic


Sloane Square


Stamford Bridge


Magnificent. :heart_eyes:


Khazi. :+1:





DeNiro looks like Captain Black in that pic!

Well, a bit.


1970s model shots;

A young Mr mws


That’s a quality syrup there


Hopefully :open_mouth:



No viscous, sugary based liquids involved, I fear.