Any old Pics



Summer look :+1:


still a shit hole these days


Damaged mannequins after a fire at Madam Tussauds, London, 1930.


Speakers Corner 1971 - “I survived Lopwell”


That is actually slightly disturbing…


Pre Boom Town Rats :unamused:


Shitting heads is something to be proud of.


Adam & the Ants ?


Bartitsu: the forgotten art of gentlemen’s defence, to be used when confronted with Edwardian-era street crime

A portrait of E.W. Barton-Wright, with a montage of Bartitsu self defence techniques


Not totally forgotten.

Amongst the random crap I have accumulated / collected over the years, I used to have quite a substantial collection of canes.

If someone wrote an article on the subject you could guarantee that “defence” canes in general and Baritsu in particular would come up.

I still have a few kicking around including this

which uses basic physics and a lump of brass. Swung by the “wrong” end it could really give a bounder a proper clattering.


Mmmm…a fisting cane? :thinking:


oh how louche.


It looks like a dwarf fisting cane. Niche.


OK big boy! :open_mouth:


Enough pillow talk, dear.


Massive hands? Deadly knitting needle? Garry Frotters wand?


Jeremy Beadle ?


Trump surely


Him too.


I meant beating him to death with it of course :+1: