Any old Pics


That too.


Portobello market 1977


If only you we could roll back time as suspect lots of noe very collectable bits for sale.

The only thing I would leave back then is the monkeys. Mind you they still have performing monkeys on the street in of all places Japan.


and the HoC.


1863 Brighton Swimming Club,


Stick on taches,sideburns and beards was a thing in 1968


I couldn’t comment on a public forum. :zipper_mouth_face:


Logging, Lower Columbia, ca. 1905


You wouldn’t get me in there


I am not sure about that. A healthy coating of swarfega and a few good shoves and I’m sure you might just about fit. Nobody on here is rude enough to comment about any random bulging at the edges…


Images of Birmingham in the 60’s.

As a kid I grew up in the relatively nice, leafy suburbs between Shirley & Solihull. But every Saturday morning & some weekday evenings Mum would take us to swimming lessons at the Victorian Moseley Rd swimming baths on the edge of Balsall Heath. Those were the earliest experiences we had of an entirely different, vibrant & colourful culture. I was always surprised by the overflowing veg shops, the cinema posters showing the most striking images of dramatic figures (often with swords) saris, turbans & people shouting & laughing but also mess, litter & probably significant hardship. A world away from the comforts of Solihull. These pictures capture some of that. New tower blocks alongside derelict sites. Corner shops & quilted anoraks.


Daughter was in Birmingham at the MAC for some mental health seminar or other and I encouraged her to go take a look at this in her break -





Looks like Charlotte Damping


Miles Davis 1954


If you want to get on in life, you’ll have to be able the splits.


Guitar Splits



The master of the Guitar splits


“Nice trousers” splits