Any old Pics


Great photograph. Nice hair too.


I even wore glasses back then - early onset fapquences obvs…:stuck_out_tongue:


Where’s Kiki dee


is that a leather cape?

Is that Marc Bolan photobombing your picture on the right.


Looks like one of these…


Not a cape - it’s a blouson style leather jacket. Strange, the way the light is catching it - looks like different colours either side of the front!


do you still wear it on nights out?


I would do if…

a) We went on any nights out
b) it still fitted me



He’s had it made into a pair if Daisy Duke’s :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Only as a watch strap.


jock strap?


you are forgetting we saw you at a gig!


But, but, you almost look cool in the photo.


I was cool

…about 35 years back :rofl:


You never lose it.




Anti racist demo Wolverhampton 1978


That’s Molineux on the left. Used to go there quite a bit in the late 70’s although not for protest marches!

they built a new stand on that waste ground on the right then knocked down the stand with the peculiar series of gabled roofs & eventually moved the whole pitch about 50 yards to the right. But there was at least one season where the occupants of that new stand were 50 yards from the touchline until they shifted the playing area towards them & developed the opposite side!


I used to like going to Molineux. It was great to stand on the South bank on the odd occasion when the place was full.


Nonsense encapsulated

The conjoined graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, each buried on different sides of the cemetery wall, 1888.


I remember doing a painting at school of that stand (and ground) because I liked the way it looked.