Any old Pics


More nonsense


The London Necropolis Railway Station.


My Mrs, aged about 9 or 10, on a day out to the seaside in Gt Yarmouth - holding three tiny monkeys.


Apparently my grandad had a pet monkey before I was born. It was notorious for gobbing, pissing, and flinging shit at people.


Stronzetto’s ancestors got everywhere


Interesting to read about the Necropolis railway. I’d never heard of it.

Allegedly all that’s left. Westminster Bridge road although I’m not really seeing the connection other than the size of the arch.


Got a pic?



Fuck the IRA and all the cunts that support them.


Yep, fuck all the stupid sectarian bigotry and inbred hatred that goes on up there on all sides.





“Shit ! That’s my house !!!”


A bit more info although I suspect this was your source anyway.


I linked to the photo via that site, but I first saw the photo in a book called “Lightning Boys”. The timing is just incredible, so much so that, In these days of easy photo manipulation, you’d think it was fake. But when you read the story of it, it is an incredible set of coincidences.

Pretty much the definition of a “Decisive Moment”.


I must admit, that until reading this post, I immediately dismissed the image as fake news.


Beyond the vally of the cape in a secluded corner of prog lived a band on stilts


Acker De Nero - same guy


I fancy he’s thinking; ‘you disgust me you piece of shit.’


Robert De Nero?