Any old Pics


If not deeply concerning


Imagine the family in the 1st pic turning up at your door


The kid with the hair in the second pic is the most disturbing to me, actually not far off making me a little bit scared of going to sleep.

The rest just look like shit robots or something, but that hair kid is just Rong…


Makes a great avatar




Rong one. That doesn’t bother me in the least.


As it happens I’m not trying to bother you.


Fuck off, you porridgewog…


Fair enough, sorry for the confusion :grinning:


Testing a bullet proof vest,1923


That wasn’t very nice :disappointed:

sweet dreams are made of this - who am I to disagree



Nice work, if you can get it



I actually think it’s the shape of the mouth, it reminds me of some Sci fi movie, just can’t think which one.


The Joker?


Nah, something definitely Sci fi.

I’ll probably suss it out via my nightmares tonight…


Its that film Knitterman


Its a thing

I would like to know more from the mind that conceived this image


Capri ad from 1969


I had a 3 Litre V6 GT version :+1:


Think I’d go for the full size version. I can’t see anybody taller than 4’9 getting in the light blue one.