Any old Pics


I once had a 2.0L GL, comfy car that didn’t like corners or starting in the morning. Sort of miss it.


Parents had a 1.3. Awful thing with no guts and a very stiff gearchange.


Think the one i had was a 1.6 version,only had it a week when the police informed me it was made up of 3 different capri’s and confiscated it.


Needed a couple of bags of Blue Circle in the back.


Reminds me of the Punishment of Luxury masks


Mine was 1970 model with a GT suspension pack. Engine mounted quite far back and handled like a roller skate. It could be provoked into power oversteer with a bit of effort and was great fun on roundabouts. Never cold enough in Oz to worry about “cold” starts :wink:


1968 - Jethro Tull during rehearsals for an appearance on The Rolling Stones’ Rock 'n Roll Circus. This line up featured one Tony Iommi on guitar.


Germaine Greer/Vivian Stanshall






Not that old, but one which is redolent with sadness. The last known (or released) photo of Frank Zappa before he died from cancer of the prostate at the age of 52…


Golden Gate Bridge opening day 27th May 1937


Donald Cunt would call that an immigrant caravan


Are there no mirrors in Murca?


Not ones that look backwards


Or the crowd at his inauguration


For a country with such a short history it is colossally retarded of it’s white immigrant population to forget they are not fucking Apaches:

If you want to make it great again, give it back to Geronimo


That’s an incredibly sad photo, he looks such a shadow of his former self. Reminds me of some of the late stage photos of Freddie Mercury.