Any old Pics


That is one way to test it’s load capacity.


Agreed. So, so sad.


I remember listening to one of his last interviews, with Nicky Campbell on Radio 1 I seem to recall. The abiding memory I have of that interview is of a musician who was frustrated because he had so much more music left to make, with so little time left. A true creative force lost.


Stephen Spielberg in Bruce’s mouth.

I think this may have been posted earlier :thinking:







Large bears more than a passing resemblance to Mike Brewer :grin:




Reminded me to listen to this…


Why has that centaur got the back legs of an elephant?


Murcan I spose


It could be worse. Imagine being their third child and having to ‘be’ the back legs, pantomime horse stylee.



Directing traffic in London’s fog with the help of an apparatus connected with the gas main that can be folded up and put in a metal box sunk in the street, 1935


Worth watching…


Policeman dressed as a big mac 1967



That’s Officer Big Mac that is.


11/11/1955 @ 11am at the busiest junction in the city of Adelaide.


Two minutes silence in London 1919