Any old Pics


Bintang or Pocari Sweat? Decisions, decisions…

Photograph taken in KL four years ago today. I went bright yellow for the first time a couple of days later. I blame the Bin Tang…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Jerry Garcia in front of the Grateful Dead’s “Wall of Sound”, 1974


Oswald Mosleys rig. He took to building the wall of sound when lsd was made illegal. As a chemist manufacture of lsd was his vocation


Owsley Stanley, Oswald Mosley was the fascist.


No nap today brain not engaged - you’re quite right


Yeah, wouldn’t fancy an Acid trip with a bunch of Black Shirts :flushed:


Too much past Owsley :crazy_face:


The universe is just crumbs in a giants pocket.





Wales - There’s lovely for you


Nap fantasy


I shan’t ask who she is or what the long length of flexible ducting is for …



As far away from the woman as possible? Bring back MWS, I miss him.


He’s watching I’m a Celeb but anticipating a spectacular enema.


He’s been deep under cover - Threatening to return in the new year.


He lives


:+1: Who’d have imagined it ?


We all know that, it’s why he’s stopped and started fucking napping that’s the issue. I think it’s family contentment and tiredness but I’m unsure how to influence it from here. Maybe a few more pics of Jungle Pam?


Isn’t there a photo of post office girl somewhere?