Any old Pics


How about Marilyn Cole?


Works for me, but not stern enough to really get Mr MWS frothing…


Got it !


Mr MWS is heading home



@AmDismal. Spoilsport!


Should fucking flag that one of May as well!


The Chinese just got delivered, what did I miss?


Tidy tail.


Why, it’s child friendly ?

I didn’t resort to cheap soft porn, I’ve moved on to far more sophisticated mind fuckery !




Slowly, slowly …

Tempt him out


Pretty can fuck off.

Sexy requires a bold confidence to the point of contempt. It is here Mr. MWS is roused. To him contempt somehow signifies a challenge whilst confidence heralds a lack of inhibition. From here the game’s a foot.

P.O Girl look alike

Jean Claude Van Dammmmmnnnn I mean to have her



Shag pile carpet? :heart_eyes:


Mais Oui



Robert Wadlow (8’-11") and his Dad



During the early 70s (before I just wanted albums) I used to get given The Guiness Book of World Records every Xmas. I was always drawn to the Tallest pages as I was quite tall as a kid.


I got the GBoR a few times for xmas too. Loved reading it as a kid.


Also used to get it every christmas

Loved this as well