Any thoughts on high output Hana's?

Now I’m officially mm only, attention must turn to a half decent cart.

Anybody have any thoughts on the EH / SH Hana’s ?

None, but probably hard to beat at the price. The price of my fave MP 500 is ouch nowadays.

Yeah, I thought about the big Nag, but I would need to go used. Loved my IQ3 too, but that is also too rich new :disappointed:

All the good ones seem to be crazy prices now. A friend uses a high output Frog but they are mega bucks. The Hana seems to be very well priced for the spec.

I really enjoy my Hana SL. I was kinda hoping that the H’s would share the same DNA.

Don’t see why not. I guess @murrayjohnson is the man in the know though.

Yep, I hope he will be along in the fullness of time.

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I’m in the same boat Mike with reagrds MM carts but it is worth trying to find a Nagaoka MP10 it’s is a superb cart.

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I haven’t heard any of the high output Hana’s. It’s a kind of cartridge that’s always seemed odd. The higher output comes at the price of more turns (weight) in the coils thus trading away the potential advantage of an MC. Or at least that’s the theory. In practice it may still be as good as or better than a similarly priced MM but that hasn’t ever been my experience. I could no doubt procure one if you wanted one.

I own a MH and love it. It’s not as good as a low output MC, but in terms of detail retrieval and subtlety it quite handily betters any MM I’ve ever heard. The microline stylus of the MH is superb, I’ve not heard one but I imagine the Shibata stylus is similarly capable

Benz Micro Ace SH is another one to consider if you’re open to something besides a Hana

Managed to snag an MP10 with a NOS stylus for a silly price Al :+1:, so will give that a go.


Good call. FoL has a MP150 and I’ve always enjoyed it when we’ve listened to records on her Technics.

Nice one Mike - I’ll need to get a spare stylus for mine now you mention it.

I think MM carts lend themselves well to DD Technics etc I just bought a Reloop Turn 5 and the MP10 sounds superb on it.

Mind you, I’ve never owned anything more exotic than an Ortofon Blue MC so maybe don’t miss the performance drop to MM.

I bought an Mp11 with a boron stylus 2nd.I didn’t use it for ages and was to late to send it back as it rode ridiculously low
Still works OK, as long as the records flat
Think you can put higher up the chain stylus in the body, but not 100% sure

Knackered suspension?
I’ve got an MP50 super with the sapphire cantilever, don’t use it much but I do like it a lot. I used to have quite a collection of old MM carts. There where some great ones around back in the day. The ADC XLM was a beauty. The EEI (favoured by MaxTownshend) parabolic range were also very nice, some are 0.1mv output though so no good with a MM only phonostage.

Yes sadly