Any Welsh'ish meatmen available

to pick up and hold on to a TT until I can figure out a way to get it here, please ?

Usual vouchers / bribes apply.

Where in Wales is it?

Mid Wales - Welshpool (he’s happy to drive up to an hour from there) Olan.

A second option could be South Birmingham.

Google maps says it is 1 hr 20 mins to Liverpool so if he wants to drop it off here I’ll hold on to it for you. I could probably drive out to meet him, but there is less palaver if he wants to come here. Does this help?

Might do Olan; I’ll ask him.

Cheers either way.

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What’s rong with the SP10? Badge rattling?

What the fuck’s it got to do with you, big nose ?

Oh yeah, :slight_smile:


I’m in Broseley, Shropshire, about 50 min away.

I could do a meet if that helps and store as long as needed. Happy to do a meet on the last leg - where will it need to end up?

It will need to end up in Luton Mick, but that can wait for now.

Thanks very much; I’ll put that to the seller and let you know, if that’s OK ?

That’s fine. Wayne @crimsondonkey donkey is close to me so could help with another leg.

Yep I’m sure I could do a leg too.

Thanks chaps. Let me see what I can sort out.

You could certainly do with getting a leg done. :slight_smile:



You’re behind the times ginge minge, my legs are now off white.

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Are you still up for this Mick @mickbald ?



Yes, message sent.

TT now safely at Mick’s :smiley: Thanks for tablesitting Mick :+1:

Absolutely strapped for time at the mo, so will need to look into how to get it down here when things slow down a bit.

Should be lots of opportunities to get them closer to you Mike.

I’ll be at settle in September. I’ll have a wife, 2 dogs and a weeks caravan stuff to take but should be able to fit it in safely if that helps. Otherwise could do meet somewhere. I’m at Birmingham Hospital once a month taking a friend for chemo (he’s the guy who gave @DiveDeepDog and @octh the arms). Can travel anywhere within an hour if a good dog walk is available (hills).

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Thanks for all the efforts chaps.

Really appreciated.