Anybody near West Malling that could pick up a pair of speakers for me?

Title sort of says it all. Could do with getting them to Harpenden or Bedford. Or just somewhere much less far away.

Let me check my diary.


lockdown - pandemic - essential journey?

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Bit tricky for me

  1. I don’t have a window until at least 21st February (according to the email I got from Matt and Bob.) and lock down might well be extended further than that
  2. I don’t live very close to West Malling

Can you cover petrol money for me?


Alright, I’ll dig out my passport :rofl:

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He might have to cover your hotel bill for your quarantine period as well :grinning:

That’s only £1,500. Bargain.

.+ VAT

Is this still a thing? I have to visit my brother, who’s not far from West Malling, the week after next, If they’re not huge I could help?


No, but thank you very much for thinking about it.

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