Anybody recommend a decent Xmas LP?



My wife is in a mood with me because I put this on :+1:


And who could blame her? :roll_eyes:


Depends on what sort of “mood” it’s put her in. Coud just be the start of a good night.

No pics required :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


“don’t you fucking touch me while you have this shit on”


So it’s the equivalent of trialling the ugliest speaker behemoths you can find so that when you replace them, sighing the while, with the less ugly, less enormous ones you wanted all along she agrees to them ? Barry White next ?



Ok, point made, she obviously thought the mood lighting wasn’t quite up to scratch.

It is clear you need to improve your foreplay. Please address all future correspondence to Marjorie Proops.


Maybe I just need to turn it up louder. Perhaps dancing on one leg and air fluting?


And the bad news is the mood will last 7 months…



:joy:Taken on a visit to my mums over the Christmas.
I can remember it from my childhood, no idea what music was on it though.