Anyone had their car number plate cloned?

So I’ve just had a PCN for the Dartford tunnel on a time and day I know 100% I was at home (although as i work from home this is difficult to prove definitively ). As the charge is £2.50 i’m not that bothered about paying it and moving on but I’m concerned that some shady cunt has nicked my plate details and I’ll start getting hit for parking and toll charges that aren’t mine.
Anyone else been in this situation and if so exactly how much of a ball ache is it to get it all to go away?

To be honest this may be the impetus I need to say fuck it and ditch the car for something else.

I’d challenge it and ask for a photo in the hope it is a different colour, think they generally try and clone from the same make/model but the colour may be wrong.

I plan on challenging but I’m a little concerned that the only proof i can bring is my word.

If you were working from home, do you have a record of emails you might have sent or documents you might have saved over the time period of the charge?

That might support your claim.

He could easily have lent someone the car. Proof of him being at home might not be enough.

the ‘offence’ was at 7.34am and I have an e-mail sent at 08.05 so that’d probably help as i doubt a kia ceed but it’s not definitive ‘proof’ such as a receipt or parking ticket from elsewhere.

What about location history from your smart phone?

turned that off - plus I could have left it at home.

I’ve made a representation. It’s definitely not my car - i’ve sent them a photo to compare and listed many of the differences.
Kias have a rather distinctive grille and a bloody great bit kia badge right on the nose. their pic has neither of these and looks like a previous model ceed or possibly an astra.

fingers crossed they’ll take one look and go yup it’s bollocks and make it go away… somehow though i have this sinking feeling that this is going to be a bit of a twat.

Would plod be interested in photographic evidence of cloning?

It needs knocking on the head this, otherwise your leaving yourself open to all sorts while you have the car…

just e-mailed the local plod advice thingy to ask how to set the ball rolling.

Few years back one of my cars was cloned. right model, right colour. HAd a few parking tickers etc to challenge. Only went away when the cops turned upfor a tank full of fuel and run away. F ortunatley they filled it with petrol. mine was diesel, couple of sad faced coppers went away, and sorted it.

Nasty, but you bsolutely MUST contest and fight it. If you don’t, the next one might be really serious.

You need to make a police report and ensure your plate has a marker on it, so the other one can be stopped and sorted if it pings a police number plate logger.

My son had his number plates duplicated twice, he was repeatedly stopped by the police for avoiding fines and illegal parking.
It also made taxing his car an utter nightmare as his number plate was ‘unrecognized’ by the DVLA…

All this for a Suzuki Jimny.

Not cloned, but I did have my plates nicked once and used in a robbery. Plod turned up on my doorstep in the morning, looked at my hangover and quickly realised I had nothing to do with it so just told me they’d been nicked and I should go make a statement.


Yeah, right.

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