Anyone heard of Lin Lai valves?

Seems to be the guys from Psvane set this up after a falling out and leaving.

The elite ones are supposed to compete with the Psvane Acmes but looking very similar wonder if they have used the same design.

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Linlai are made by ex Psvane guys they are supposed to be good,but beware there are a lot of fakes around on e bay.I was thinking about buying a pair of there 805s.

They are not targeting the KT muscle amp demographic… Yet

Wasn’t Psvane itself a spin off from Shuguang?

Talking with one wholeseller here in the UK who sell a lot of Chinese made valves, Shuguang hasn’t really restarted production after quite a serious factory fire a couple of years back. I think the factory is ready to go but power outages are currently so frequent in China they can’t operate properly.

The processes involved (certainly for continuous large scale production) require a constant supply of power or it all becomes quite unsafe.

That rings a bell.

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The elite 6sn7 look quite interesting.