Anyone used an SBooster LPS?

Hi all,

Am on the verge of (finally) buying an Aries Mini. The seller is offering to include his SBooster BOTW P&P MKII at a discount (will still be about £250 though) which he claims makes a big difference. Just wondering if anyone here has heard one of those, or know if they’re a reputable make? I’ve not heard of them before - though that’s not saying much as I’m ignorant of most things hifi and otherwise.

Tbh, as I’m thinking of ultimately taking a look at upgrading the DAC or entire unit once I’m in a position to start demoing units, I think I’ll hold off getting the power supply as this is something of a stopgap. However I’d still be interested to hear any thoughts.

My mate has a mini and an aftermarket PSU, he thinks it only makes a difference if you use the analogue outputs of the mini. When used as a transport into an external DAC he found no gain from the PSU.

Thanks. I would be using the Mini as a DAC as well for now.

I’d be tempted to put the £250 towards a DAC, may be better gains in SQ to be had in that dept.

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SBooster - isn’t that for erectile disfunction?

Yes, this is actually my subtle way of making enquiries about its efficacy…

They aren’t universally effective but the Mini had a branded LPS upgrade option that was quite effective when I tested it yonks ago, so I suspect this might help.