Anyone using Sky Broadband?

So, I’ve made the classic mistake of changing broadband provider, now Roon and UPnP steaming no longer work.

My remote devices (iPhone/iPad) can’t maintain a connection when downstairs in my living/listening room to the server (iMac upstairs).


Moved from hi-speed Virgin (circa 300mbs dl) to Sky (circa 70mbs dl). Virgin WiFi signal was pretty good, dropped off in the garden but in the house pretty good.

Anyone else using Sky Broadband with Roon/streaming and having problems?

Can’t believe the WiFi coverage can be that bad! I suppose I could use another homeplug to connect the IMac, or use a WiFi extender/repeater upstairs but would prefer not to.

I use Roon and UPnP streaming via the new Sky router thing. I don’t rate Wi-Fi for this job at all so amost everything for streaming is connected to the router via homeplugs, or directly to the router via a switch in the case of the NUC that runs my Roon Core and the Innuous Zen that I use as a ripper and fileserver. I do have other endpoints (Auralic and Pi-based) connected wirelessly and without issue to the Router, but my main streamer (a Lumin) is connected via homeplugs. I had the same approach with the older Sky Router and with the Virgin Media SuperHub that preceeded it.

FWLIW I will probably put back in place the BT wireless mesh that this new Sky hub supposedly rendered redundant. This is simply because we get dropouts and network proximity errors on the Sky mini boxes in the kitchen and sitting room. This didn’t happen with our old setup with the BT mesh. I’m just too feckin’ busy at the moment to spend a day arsing around with Wi Fi settings on Sky boxes when I don’t really watch TV.

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Check that IGMP snooping is enabled on the router.

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I find out best to separate the broadband and WiFi, ie have my own WiFi access points. I’ve never had a router that could reach from the front of my house to the back, let alone the garden.

Yes, pretty much the same scenario when we moved house - had the ultra fast Virgin at the old place but Virgin not available where we moved, so we chose Sky for the broadband/tv

The Sky router was posted to us just after we moved but the TV box couldn’t be installed until about 10 days later. During the intervening time, we had terrible issues with the wifi signal not reaching parts of the house and garden. However this was completely cured with the installation of the Sky tv box, which acts as a booster, according to the installation engineer.

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The odd thing is I have a Sky Q box upstairs which should boost, and one in the living room. Will do some god-awful troubleshooting. I even hate the phrase.

Anyone got a CD player spare :roll_eyes:

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…And just like an episode of the IT Crowd, I turned it all off and restarted this morning and it works fine, so far.



Yep, I’m waiting.

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Superfast my arse;

Actually, once the major kinks are sorted out the Sky BB service is quite good and is rock solid. It is a shame that sorting out the minor really irritating kinks is so time consuming and frustrating.

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The family are pretty sold on the TV, so I’ll persevere to keep them happy :blush:

This is true in my house. I rarely watch TV and all our Sky niggles relate to dropouts with the Sky miniboxes which are impossible to sort out. As a consequence I’ve told the kids that if they moan about dropouts I’ll return the miniboxes. Everyone appears to be completely satisfied at present :smirk:

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As the great dicatator said 'I gave them an option of the Status Quo or beheading.
They are very happy with my benevolent rule"

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don’t use speediest. they have a deal with ISPs where they prioritise traffic to their site to get good results.

Try this site, they give more realistic results

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How very dare you, my household is a democracy, we all get a vote and then we do what Jackie tells us. It saves on the bloodshed.

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That looks odd, you’d expect upload to be much less than download for a domestic connection

Usually the case, around 50.

I renewed my contact with the fuckwits at TalkTalk which expired just as lockdown commenced and I didn’t dare risk changing to another provider.
My current download speed is less than 5 Mbps and it’s fibre. Spent about 2 hours on the phone to them this week for zero improvement. I’m tempted to just cancel the direct debit and let the fuckers do their worst.

Have you checked what you can get with other isp’s? Talktalk are usually not much slower but much cheaper. Your speed is probably so low due to distance from the nearest green cabinet. It’ll be fibre to there but copper to the house

You generally need FTTP to get much above 50Mbps