Apple keyboard Help!

Hi Guys …Some help needed please …I am unable to change the batteries in my apple keyboard …I have tried to unscrew at the side but the screw won’t budge , I think it may be corroded batteries stopping it from turning,
Any ideas how to open it apart from a hammer …

Why ask when you already have the answer…?

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More seriously, spraying some WD40 onto the screw might help loosen it

  • User rings Apple help desk
  • User explains problem
  • Apple helpdesk send link to Apple store to enble user to buy new keyboard
  • Apple helpdesk close call

WD40 is better than nothing, and you might be able to get hold of it quite easily. But it’s not really a lubricant, more a water displacer. There are products designed to penetrate and free stuck threads. Your local car spares shop might have some.


blow torch?

There are so many specialist screws, make sure you have the correct tool, and try and tighten it a bit, before you try to remove it.

WD-40 is a good suggestion, but there is little that can’t be fixed with a mole grip.

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Is your keyboard driver software up to date? If not, you won’t be able to undo the screw.


I have tried Wd40 ,the screw may be cross threaded it is a chrome slotted head one .wont budge at all

Try heating the tip of the screwdriver, in a flame, then hold it on the screw for a bit, then try it.

If you can’t be arsed to go buy Graeme’s lube, you could just drill it then. Obviously the flap will have to be held on with duct tape or something once you’ve proper fucked the screw and thread.

It now occurs to me that my view on most stuff that needs fixing is that some combination of duct tape, WD40 and a wide range of power tools is all you ever need. This also explains why I bodge so many things.


and this

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I thought the same but using a soldering iron tip to heat it up. Another thing to try is to put the screwdriver into the screw and give a sharp bang on the handle to try and crack the seal.

spark eroder

Very useful tool when you’re in a tight corner. But they really only work if the screw’s screwed into a metal substrate which you can make electrical contact to. I’d have to be quite desperate before I injected high voltage electricity into an Apple product without being 100% sure of the return current path.


there is no satisfying some people. Just inject some power

It’ll almost certainly be through the core.


I think that would be the currant return path.