Apple Pay and watch

Hel having previously been a bit cautious about this kind of payment tech, right out the blue decides yesterday that she quite fancies the idea of paying for petrtol and in teh supermarket via something like an Apple Watch.

Anyone do this, got experience? Do you also know whether you need the latest gen of Apple Watch to make it work as Hel doesn’t want to pay for functionality she probably wouldn’t use etc.

I use Apple pay on the phone all the time. It’s great.

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I use Apple Pay on my watch 5 and think it is still available on all of them.

Actually looks like the 3 goes end of support very soon so wouldn’t get anything older than a 4.

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scrub that, looking again they don’t actually give end of life dates and the 3 is still current.

Fuck apple and their info.

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I have a 6 lying around unused for about 3 months now.

But yeah as above works just like the phone, double tap the button and it just works, you can select between cards if you have more than one. Just make sure your cards are compatible with Apple Pay as some of the more obscure banks aren’t

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