Apple Watch

Looking for a bit of leeway on this one. I know it’s not Hi fi, it’s not even mine, but the fella who owns it is up shit creek sans paddle so I said I would see if I could list it here for a day to help him out.

It’s a blokes Apple watch, used, smoke grey, works, couple of small rubs on screen surround and one small mark on screen neither of which I could see without them being pointed out.

£150 Inc postage.

If it helps he is Navy and can’t take it with him where he’s going.

Bob ! there are 3 different versions of this watch ,it may help the sale if you can find out which one it is…
Here is a link that might help

It’s an S1


In that case he’ll be needing this

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You look well versed chris

Only skimmers lube up.