Arch Liners?

Arch liners,are they important.
One has somehow come away,and the wheel has eaten a big chunk out of it.
It is now flapping about,and it has ripped a couple of the stud heads off so i can’t put it back.

Any ideas?

Kind of important. They keep road spray from entering the engine compartment, on some vehicles electronic components susceptible to water intrusion can be mounted very nearby.

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Vehicle dependent, but without more info I agree with this ^^^^

Replacement could prolly be sourced cheaply and easily from a breakers yard, but clips / studs should be new if possible.

An Astra part has failed? :scream:

If you don’t replace it, crap, and at this time of year, salty crap, will get sprayed up into all kinds of nooks and crannies where electronic stuff lives, sooooo…

They’re not expensive, my BMW ate one while back due to a massive pothole. New, from BMW, was about £30. Your Astra part will obviously be orders of magnitude more expensive.


It’s a 2003 astra,was thinking of trying to cable tie to the nearest bit to the arch,but not sure how to fix the parts where it’s ripped the stud heads off

I’d probably give the Nurburgring a miss until it’s fixed…

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Everyday is like Nurburgring in a 1.4 astra


If the studs are like these, then just extract the dead bits and fit new:


Thanks,will have a proper look tomorrow.
Think the factory may of put a standard part on a performance car by mistake.

Beat to the punch.

If they are like this it’s pretty easy to sort out. Push the remains of the pin in to the hole so it falls out the other side. Then you’ll be able to pull out the main part and fit the replacement.

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Arch Liners are oppression! - Miss Astra is clearly more than a pinch slutty and is simply getting undressed for you. Personally I think it the height of rudeness to not get out in the car park and satisfy her right now.


If you’re not familiar with the details of this procedure then there are pictures in the Lopwell thread. You will need a selection of jacks and bits of scrap timber.



Cable ties save the day for the time being


Must be made from kevlar reinforced carbon fibre to withstand the tremendous forces…


Rat Rod rims