Are you looking at my pain au raisin, mate?

I had a belter the size of a bin lid this morning from a socially distanced market-stall baker.

I’d opine that you absolutely cannot get an acceptable supermarket pain au raisin. They are almost invariably soggy and have none of that croquante outer texture with just the right amount of yielding the really good ones have. Again, the Kings Cross market boys have some mouthwatering examples.

For conniption potential, sprinkle chopped pistachio on the top.


Did you imbibe a side of glue to wash the pain-au-raisin down with or something?

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Kings Cross market is THE place for bread and pastries.

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Pain Au Raisin - is that anything like haemorrhoids?:wink:


Never eat pain au raisin anywhere other than a roadside cafe in France. Decent village patisserie at the very least.
Some things shouldn’t be bastardised :face_with_monocle:

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This is true.

You feckin’ bast… :zipper_mouth_face:

Nearly lost it there…:pleading_face:

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This true, how many of them will still be in business after this shit though is anyone’s guess. Incidentally I went there five times looking for Nata and there was never any!

You were clearly looking just after @browellm had stockpiled for his daily ration.


Fire at will, shoot to kill


and this

London elites and your bread markets.

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Not sure I can tell the difference between the icing and the candle wax.


The candle wax probably tastes better.

Maybe the job of the icing on bakewells is to saturate your tastebuds so completely with sugar that you can’t taste the cheap remainder of the tart ?