Arm ID?

Anyone know what arm this is? It seems familiar but I can’t for the life of me remember

Clearaudio I think, but couldn’t begin to tell you which model…

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Could be. Consonance.

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I thought the same with both suggestions, certainly similarities but I can’t see a match?

Compounded by the fact that Clearaudio have OEM’d arms and bits-of-arms for many others…

JB’s right about Opera/Consonance, too -


Indeed, mongrels abound!
The bearing housing (Yoke) is familiar somehow but I just can’t place it?

All I can see is a hip-flask…

Time for tubby bye-byes methinks…

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Close one eye, hold onto the carpet, the world will stop spinning soon.

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Any other ideas?

Found this which looks similar.
Doesn’t say what arm but it’s an American ad so maybe a US arm

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Forget about that l,they sell clear audio so guessing it’s that in the pic

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Well I ended up with this thing - The seller had no idea where it came from and with no identifying marks neither do I! I can say looking at it, I’d guess it’s either very cottage or a proficient home made affair? Anyone else have any insight?

Isn’t that anti-skate working the wrong way?


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That alone suggests *home-made to me.

It doesn’t look like it would be the hardest thing in the world to fix though.

*Looks like there’s a grub screw which would allow the wire hook to be swivelled across to the other side?

Still think it’s home-made tho’

It’s seemingly this way by design as swiveling the boas weight guide over to the other side means the bias weight line is far too short.



Get bending :grinning:

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I’m on it

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For some reason the fr54 has the anti bias weight on the right


I can’t see from that pic but I assume the line is attached before the pivot?