Arm lead wanted

Has anyone got an inexpensive arm lead that they want to sell?


HTHs :+1:

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Cheaper than this?

That’s great, thanks Greg :+1:

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I bought one of those with the right angled plug the other day. Arrived quickly and seems fine.

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I’ve just ordered one, thanks Guy.

Buggery bollocks, l didn’t realise there were different plugs

Is the one on the left your old lead? Most detachable tonearm leads I’ve seen have a female connector at the arm end as per the one on the right.

Yes Guy, it came off a Grace arm.

Is that old cable broken somewhere? Could it be repaired?

The same seller does one with a male plug. Worth asking him to swap?

That’s a pain - They look a different pitch radius as well as the wrong sex?

Yes it doesn’t work, there’s a break in the cable apparently.

Yes Andy, totally different.

Yes, that may be the easiest option.

Happy to try repairing it if you post it to me.


That’s very good of you Guy, thanks. if you wouldn’t mind. Could you pm me your address please?