Armchair politics


Bit harsh on the poor fecker who dressed as a dolphin…:rage:


Poor old Salisbury going through it again;



While my daughter was starting her PhD a friend of hers was at the Labour Conference and bumped into this old reprobate.


The beast still lives!


His best quote was when he accused half the Tory members opposite of being crooks, the speaker said that he wasn’t allowed to say that and to withdraw the comment.
‘OK’ he said, ‘half the Tory members opposite aren’t crooks’


I remember that one - classic Skinner :rofl::rofl:


One of the most pro Brexit MPs. Has always opposed EU membership since before the first referendum.


Corbyn could do a shit on the stage and he would get a standing ovation from the congress.:face_vomiting:

Promising a land of milk and honey for the UK and is also going to sort out all the injustices and repression going on around the world. I must have missed the bit about how it was actually going to be achieved and afforded in reality.:thinking:


Diane Abbot looks about as enthused as a rohypnol victim.


Surprised to see Percy Thrower leading Jerusalem




Cracking start;


Cue Benny Hill music.

Tory Conference App Security Blunder Exposes Minister’s Personal Details


Pepsi :joy:


Strong and Stable.:rofl::rofl::rofl:


“Technology” will solve that NI border issue, lads.


If exporting across the NI border can mean I can abuse Boris on his personal number and change Gove’s picture to genitalia, bring it on.

Although the last one would be an improvement…