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If only it was as simple as “fucking up”…


Not sure how Nicola keeps a straight face through it all. Amazing banter.


Anne Greaves #FBPE #FinalSayForAll ‏ @ antrad51 17h17 hours ago

“It’s like being in an abusive marriage where you’re not allowed out of the house. You have to break free.”



17th Century here we come.

Christian Bakery Owners Win Gay Cake Row Supreme Court Appeal


Urgh, the sooner religion is expunged from society the better.


Looks like a shed load of tax payer’s money was wasted on this, sigh…They didn’t discriminate against the customer, they just disagreed with the message on the cake. How come the fuck the lawyers couldn’t work this one out in law before spending a fuck ton of money on it?

Oh, hang on, lawyers, that’s why!

In the meantime the good and reasonable folk of NI can boycott the shop, oh hang on, same prejudices hiding behind religion as the owners of the shop…


Maybe Ch4 should include a Gay Cake week in Great British Bake Off :smiley:


Meanwhile SF’s positioning as the party of equality in NI in respect of sexuality is equally ridiculous.


At least they are showing some leadership on this issue, someone has to.


The flower of womanhood! The post-Brexit threesome may be a harrowing experience…:scream::scream:


Go in dry. :+1:


Foster… CUNT CUNT CUNT CUNT…I’m allowed more than 3 because Foster.


Foster needs a matching necklace.


Cunt Cunt - have two of mine on loan.


I’m from that neck of the woods but thankfully I wasn’t brought up in a religious/political family.
CUNT :grinning:


What metal has the highest density? VB?

How do you do @user


The last two words of that sentence are a surprise as ‘matching necklace’ is just about the last phrase one expects in a sentence beginning with ‘Foster needs a’ and concerning Arlene.


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Unfappable Arlene.


Osmium, I believe