Armchair politics


That I needed to read where the post was from before ruling it out as a wind up shows how screwed up politics at the moment. The whole lot of them doing fuck all of any use, every single day whilst we head towards brexit, not to mention all the other stuff they seem to have decided no longer matter either (like energy, the environment, transport, NHS etc etc) whilst they concentrate on fucking each other over with the most witty tweet… I despair…



My glorious leader, Genreal Jumbo, just got his wings clipped by the Chancellor, nice to see :slight_smile:


He should’ve stuck to selling fireplaces.


Twitter is rife with rumours that Kate Hoey is about to defect to the Labour Party.

Can’t see it myself.


Watching BBC QT. I’ve heard of John Barnes and Fiona Bruce.

Fuck it, I’m off to Corrie and Neighbours.


Digger is doing well though.


Might as well end it all then, Mick :wink: QT is shite, but it’s no reason to inflict that on yourself.


Actually, I’ve joined you.

Fuck no, not Corrie and Neighbours, but Reginald D Hunter’s Songs of the Border.


Actually, I’ve just poured a nightcap and put Japan - Obscure Alternatives, on the turntable.

Nite nite


Ian Austin resigns, but not joining TIG


This is causing much sniggering at home. A commonly used diminutive for a penis is a Tig. It would get similarly amounts of use as ‘willy’ in any house with little boys.


Haven’t heard that one. :thinking:


Regularly used by Barnet Ronay in The Guardian’s The Fiver football emails


I hadn’t heard it either. In the ‘identify where you’re from by the words you use’ quiz linked to a few days ago one of the questions asked what you called the playground game where one child is ‘it’ and has to catch and touch another to pass that status on. At my primary school it was called ‘tig’. If the word had had any other meaning there then we’d certainly have heard about it. The boys were not a shy lot.



I’m sure you didn’t go to a primary school in West Cork though.


Nope. If my primary school had been a mile or so further East it would have been in the other hemisphere from West Cork.



When I did that question the answer was ‘he’. I think this was one of the questions that tied me down to a small area in the South East.


Like the nickname “TIG of the dumped”


Can’t decide who’s worse Jeremy Cunt or Boris Johnson

‘Soviet vassal state’: Jeremy Hunt makes gaffe in Slovenia