Armchair politics


No, I meant to type Spongebob fucking Squarepants. My bad.


The weirdest porno movie I ever saw.


A long and distinguished list too, I’d imagine.


Indeed, kept on my clipboard. :+1:


Vince stepping down. Absolutely no-one will notice any difference.


How on earth are they going to find a replacement with such dynamism


Year to late


Brilliant :joy::joy::joy:


Steel tried to explain it away by saying Smith was not an MP nor party member at the time and hence felt no obligation to take it further. He then went on to say he would make the same decision today.

I’ve run out of words, mind boggling levels of cuntery.


The cunt should be prosecuted. What a fucking arse hole.


An omission to act is generally not an offence.


Still a cunt though.




In the case of Nicolas Cage, I disagree.


Surely he becomes an accessory if Smith continued to abuse children after his disclosure to Steel. You will know better than me though. Either way he’s still a despicable twat.


That’s a Murican thing. Over here joint enterprise or conspiracy are the alternatives but both require positive action.

They do now prosecute people for “assisting an offender” but again it requires postive action (I think).




Surprised to see these odds to win the next election

ukip were 325/1 6 months ago :open_mouth:

Labour 1/7

Conservatives 5/1

UKIP 20/1

Green 100/1

Liberal Democrats 100/1


Which bookie is offering those odds? Bet Baldrick?