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Tom Watson went up in my estimation today for foregoing his usual position alongside Corbyn and taking the backbench alongside Luciana Berger during the debate on antisemitism.


I don’t claim to know much about finance but wouldn’t they only make a profit by selling the shares at the much higher price?

I thought investment firms invested in shares for the dividend returns and the dividends are based on yearly values rather than just post bombing spikes?

Lockheed have been steadily increasing in price for years so i don’t see how how a small spike is going to make his company a financial killing.


Noted, but it’s not exactly a demonstration that Mr May undertook insider trading by knowing that the particular missile in question was going to be used, in an attack that took a week to plan and in that timescale, subsequently invested his firm’s money in Lockheed.

Sounds to me like his firm was already invested in Lockheed and I somehow doubt if Maybot rang Trump and asked if that particular missile could be used because she fancied a 5* walking holiday in Wales this summer.


Isn’t Capital Research also the largest shareholder in BAE Systems whose share value also saw an increase following last weekend’s activities? They’ll be toasting Phil at the next board meeting. Think of the despots MBDA can sell Storm Shadow missiles to now. Marvellous. Trebles all round!


I think May is fucking useless, but I don’t think she launched missiles to increase the value of her husband’s worth.

It’s the other way round - people invest in these companies because they know that, sooner or later, we’ll launch the missiles. It’s a safe bet, made safer by weak governments and weak politicians.


No I don’t either. Sadly these companies do still seem to represent a good investment while nations across the planet are willing to continue shit stirring.


It would be good if, just sometimes, people wrote what they meant so we don’t have to peel back 17 layers of insinuation etc.


Hah, that would reduce forum ‘content’ by 80%. Trying to get hosting charges down? :smile:


I’d settle for this thread.


Having to peel back insinuation is good. It means you might have to actually think about the issue.

The likes of Private Eye would be out of business fairly swiftly if they took your advice.


Are you pitching for a column?

I certainly continue to take anything you post in here with a boulder of salt :relieved:


This is a non-story. It has about as much content as the rubbish about Bin Laden et al shorting US Insurers, Airlines and Aircraft Manufacturers in the run-up to 9\11.

I find myself firmly agreeing with @browellm which is unsettling.


I don’t think it’s really meant to be that - at least that’s not how I read it - rather that he is in a position to benefit from a great deal of questionable government activity, and that implicitly our PM benefits from a broad range of government activities and policies…

There is no clear line of separation.


He is involved with a Fund Manager. On any given day some assets in the fund will appreciate, while others ma experience declines or no change in value. Whether or not he benefits cannot be assessed from a single movement on an individual holding held as part of a portfolio on any given day. As most of these entities track passively, there would have to be massive good reason for them to rebalance to take advantage of such an event, and such rebalancing would be obvious. Ditto efforts to generate arbitrage profits based on such information using derivative positions.

I would not rule out people associated with those in high places leveraging their influence and peddling it. This is the nature of networks, and although unpleasant, is not illegal. It is one of the reasons a chap might send the sprogs to Eton.


This. The World economy in a nutshell. We’re told we have free market capitalism which is clearly not the case.

Everyone from window cleaners taking cash for jobs to hi end turntable dealers making cash deals for no vat to the traders in the city edging the game one way or the other to suit them.

Everyone likes to fiddle, it makes us feel good, like we’ve had an extra win.


Something that I find amusing is that the tax system in France is set up on the expectation that if you are self employed, you are going to be doing around 30% on the black. Obviously what then happens is that people do 50% or more on the black, but still.


I’m not necessarily advocating for this but the way to deal with it is to move to a no cash society. All transactions will be electronic and traceable.


To paraphrase Uncle Joe, “The people who submit the data decide nothing. The people who are allowed to trace the data decide everything.”



Something that always bugs me when reading about various banking fraud scams is that any bank/body that becomes a member of the online banking network should be registered properly & liable for how money might be stolen. Yet all too often it seems that people are fleeced by fraudsters & the trail stops at the fraudster’s bank, with them holding hands up saying “Oh sorry, it’s gone” They need to be liable & therefore might be more careful of who they allow to make use of the facility to bank online.


Corbyn very, very poor at PMQs today. Managed not to skewer May despite all the available ammunition this week.