Armchair politics



“bastard fucking Tory scum throwing out the landing cards for the Windrush emigres”


“It was the last Labour Government”


“I’ll fetch me coat”

I wish he fucking would!


Schoolboy error. He asked a question he did not know the answer to.



The clever play would have been to thank Amber Rudd for dealing with the issue quickly and effectively, unlike her predecessor who did nothing but encourage an atmosphere of fear and hate.

May’s retort would at least have been inetresting.


Oh dear, looks like some might have some spare time on their hands soon… :grinning::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes considering the anti-Semitic shit floating around Corbyn at the mo, he should’ve been much better prepared imo…


More like, the bloke is utterly useless and surrounds himself with even bigger idiots.

He should go back to giving rousing socialist speeches to uni students and leave politics to others. Labour need to get a grip and come up with a party that can actually challenge these tory cunts.

It’s not as if May is a political genius, she keeps handing them enough fuck ups to tear her apart but corbyn consistently fucks up and comes out looking like the twat he is.

I don’t know if he is anti-semitic but his complete lack of management over this makes me think he is happy for it to continue.

Even if he is trying to sort it out in the background it means fuck all unless he lets the public and his own party know his approach to stamping it out.

The impression I get is this is similar to his early stance on brexit, he was for brexit and rather than say so just kept quiet and didn’t publicly endorse it.



That’s why I said I’m not advocating it. Wouldn’t like to see it but it would solve a problem or two.


Not sure cashless would solve a great deal now that cryptocurrency wankery is pretty mainstream.


I fucking love contactless, and reckon that proper phone payment systems will come soon - ones where you can easily pay money to other people, not just vendors. My kids’ kids will probably never see cash, I reckon.


All over the place in east China (aka the rich bit). All the market stalls and street food places have QR codes for payment.


Soon implants will allow our overlords to manage our lives all neat and lovely. If you’ve got nothing to hide you have nothing to fear will be the last thing any self respecting scumbag will hear before the tears start to roll.


Should have them in your forehead, and the more expensive the item you’re buying, the harder you have to tap


I do hope Mrs May is not lying and taking advantage of a man who is clearly suffering to score political points. Also, it appears it wasn’t Labour who decided to destroy the entry documentation.

Whatever, this Windrush case and the associated collateral damage is an absolute scandal.


When I did some work for the Home Office, the incompetence at all levels was staggering. I remember one minister saying that much of it wasn’t fit for purpose; I think he was right.


Imagine how marvelous the Home Office will be when the current fucknuggetry is applied to 3.5 million EU citizens looking to regularize their residence post-Brexit.


Yep, they will have a huge increase in workload, no extra resources except a few under trained idiots. What could go wrong?


Doesn’t matter. A little lie & she got her win.


I’m currently working at the HO on a project. Fuck me, I thought TfL was bad but this place really does take the biscuit. Leadership - marginal. Governance - one day, maybe. Wastage of £s - massive.
Still, I’m a contractor - what the fuck do I care. My taxes pay for me :joy:


Turns out it kind of was. the decision being taken in 2009 and carried out in 2010. I would be very surprised if either Home Secretary signed off on any of it. It was probably no more than a line in their briefing pack. It also turns out that John Reid was the first Home Sec to use the word “hostile” in terms of the environment for immigrants in the UK (that following his cock up releasing 1000 foreign crims early).

PMQs is rarely about concrete facts, they are way too thin on the ground to be relevant at PMQs. I think the point being made is that if you decide to invite the PM to a fight at PMQs, make sure you land a killer blow first.

Jezzer will have plenty of opportunity to get the hang of it