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By the looks of it, at least another parliament after this one unless he manages to not botch every open goal.


Here is a concise description of our government’s attitude to immigration

Positive, welcoming, liberal, forward-looking.

That is from Michael Gove in an interview with Today this morning. Where do you start with that then?




Nothing new,
When I was a kid I saw very little cash either.
1/6 a week pocket money :frowning:


A whole 7.5p - luxury!


Remember my gran giving me sixpence every 2 weeks sadly that didn’t buy you much in 1994


He’s still a cunt.


The Lib Dems have been criticisng the Conservatives today over the Windrush scandal. Oh dear.



Clegg you cunt


Sigh They didn’t “back” the tripling of tuition fees, they had to cede their position on a number of policies to achieve concessions in other areas, just as you would expect a junior partner to have to.

Enough of your bollocks.


I expect you’ll say you didn’t mean it.


:weary: Even the sacrosanct AA is full of spin.

FFS, what next ?


Makes a nice change for it to be full of spin.


You’re using Autocorrect, right ?


I was leaving it to the bright sparks on here to read between the lines rather than just write ‘shit’ in an unsubtle fashion.

On reflection, I chose poorly.



To their credit there were 3 (of 57) Lib Dem MPs who foresaw the problems that would arise from the 2014 immigration act and voted against it. Sadly they all lost their seats in the 2015 cull.


Have a read of this:

I can’t imagine what ‘Albert Thompson’ is going through. It is bad enough to have cancer of any type, but to be knowingly denied treatment beggars belief. Early detection and intervention are the surest paths to successful outcomes with this horrible disease; any delay is unconscionable. Yet, we are told this is justifiable.

Some of the other stories in the article are horrendous too. This is the end result of dog whistle politics and pandering to the likes of The Daily Mail and the UKIP voter.



I’ve been taken to task before for use of the c word with regard to the tories but this time it’s truly deserved.

Bunch of cunts.


Surely not on here. Everyone here knows they are all cunts