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Guardian link alert.


The Guardian have another leaked document, this time a letter from Rudd to May talking about “ambitious but deliverable” targets for an increase in the enforced deportation of immigrants.

I can’t imagine that this would be consistent with ‘misleading the house’ about the absence of targets :roll_eyes:. If Rudd doesn’t go soon to defuse the situation the chances are that the next person to be damaged by this will be May. Even Brandon Lewis has owned up, which is something of a first for him.


Rumours saying Rudd to leave tomorrow,May wants her to stay as a shield,no idea if any of it is true.


This is an interesting piece:

The bit I find most interesting is:

Jo Johnson, the Conservative transport minister, used an appearance on ITV’s Peston on Sunday to defend Rudd.

“Amber is a great home secretary,” he said. “She is an outstanding figure in our politics.”

Johnson is married to Amelia Gentleman, the Guardian journalist behind the Windrush revelations that have led to calls for Rudd to resign.

James Cleverly, the deputy chairman of the Tory party, also defended the home secretary as “incredibly diligent and focused”.

Really interesting links here. I wonder what is really going on. Whoever is leaking the stuff to the Guardian clearly wants Rudd gone. Great efforts are being made to keep her in place. She is a key remainer in cabinet so I wonder is the Brexiteers are briefing and leaking against her?


Everyone by now knows exactly who was behind ramping up the hostile environment including the astonishingly named Operation Vaken.



Jo Johnson’s brother looking to get rid of a remainer & potential rival?


I’m pretty sure even BoJo wouldn’t be thick enough to use Mrs JoJo to knife that nice Mrs Rudd. That is a bit out there I’m afraid.


It’ll be a Brexiteer cabinet member or several.

Theresa must be concerned Rudd will go knowing full well that the buck really stops with her .


Interesting to see Rees mogg and Corbyn both 4/1 to be next PM
Johnson and gove are around 10/1


A head to head with Rees Mogg has got to make Corbyn a firm favourite.


You think? I wouldn’t be surprised if he rallied the entire UKIP/Tory Brexit movement into one swivel-eyed baying mob.

I’m afraid it speaks volumes about Corbyn/Labour that they are neck and neck in the polls with the most inept, untrustworthy and outright mendacious Goverment we’ve seen in a fair old while. Admittedly, Corbyn is less unpalatable than JRM, but neither inspire much confidence.


I think Mogg would beat him


Says a lot about the Tories that a fancy dress throw back to 19th century landed gentry is the most likely next leader of the party.



I think Corbyn’s reluctance to fire insults would not be helpful. JRM as PM is a nightmare.


Yeah a fucking Nightmare on Downing Street. I’d rather have Freddie


It is a strange time in politics.
There seems to be lots of working class people wanting JRM to be PM


Unlikely. Gove, Johnson (Rudd up until last week) etc are all better positioned. IF, and I mean IF, May ever dares another reshuffle and JRM joins the cabinet, then you know we’re in trouble. All the real contenders are in cabinet as May keeps the enemy close to her.

My money is on Gavin Williamson for what very little it is worth. He is rising through the ranks at an alarming rate.