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Rudd gone.




Close,but no cigar


Wow, that leaves May in the firing line for the Windrush debacle as she was responsible for the previous six years in the Home Office.

Oh, and a reshuffle is on the cards, which is nothing to worry about at all.



May’s ass really does belong to the Tory hard Brexit brigade now. She’ll be gone soon.









Alan Pardew 14/1


She should give the job to Gove tomorrow.


Sajid Javid is the favourite because reasons.



Amber Rudd “not aware” of her resignation as Home Secretary.


It appears to me she hasn’t been aware of a lot of things, allegedly.


Just listened to Chris Grayling being skewered on the Today program. Aside from an amusing line of questioning about what it means to ‘inadvertently mislead’ the HoC, the interviewer landed a peach when he asked if Rudd didn’t know what was going on in the HO, why didn’t May correct her?

Greening’s insistence on conflating illegal and legal immigration was pretty disgusting too. Do we really want to do away with the innocent to catch the guilty?


Yea, that was good. Also, I don’t know why he was so cagey about the destruction of the Landing cards, saying he wasn’t sure who ordered it. There should be no confusion on this as the then HS, Alan Johnstone, has already said it was him and that he did against the background that every new migrant would be issued with a bio metric passport and that he never envisioned anyone deporting British citizens as a result of the landing cards being destroyed.


This can be a very telling axis when it comes to judging any policy - to what extent will that policy hurt the innocent to catch the guilty, and is that extent tolerable ? It’s the classic problem with benefits where it can be very difficult (= very expensive) to distinguish between the ‘deserving’ and the ‘undeserving’ poor.