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The track takes me back to sitting on a coach going to Margate in 84?

I can remember where on the coach I sat which is strange

It was an uneventful day out that would probably be forgotten if it wasn’t for this song

The power of music and memories


What a voice Jimmy has got on him! No autotune required for that fella :smile:


There’s a live acoustic set of his from Stella Polaris on the streaming services which you might enjoy.

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I have no Bronski Beat music and have never owned any.
Everything that was rubbish about 80s synth and drum machine music.

What a shit decade that was.


I think you’re forgetting that the 80s was the decade of Twisted Sister, Ratt and Motley Crue!

I’m starting to like the 80s music, it is growing on me

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Bob Mould?

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Each to their own.

I think there’s some great synth pop from the 80s (particularly early on). New Order, Soft Cell, Gary Numan, Human League, Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Visage to name a few.

I can’t stand the Stock Aitken Waterman stuff that followed, but I wouldn’t condemn the whole genre and decade on the basis of that.

Twisted Sister and Ratt were both 70s bands who made music in the 80s (as were the Cure etc)

1/3 Must try harder :grinning:

Hold on Kev, I know you were into break dancing and raving in the 80’s. Everyone knows.


Drunken staggering may have been construed as dancing, I did a fair bit of raving, mainly to girlfriends, employers and of course the moon.


That track reminds me of sitting on a coach between London and Leeds. I always thought of it as music for a journey…some about the road, movement and the song resonating…

I rebought this album a couple of months ago

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It doesn’t remind me of a specific day or event, more just the time. I’d left home not long before, my parents had moved 100 miles away to Norfolk and I was pretty uncertain what the future had in store. I did have a steady girlfriend…

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I did, 1984 was my first year at Uni, she failed her A’Levels and did get her place. Her Dad blamed me, as when he thought we were revising together we were actually revising… The journey to and from London on the coach was always accompanied by “Age of Consent” for some reason.

Eventually she passed and came up to Leeds so we continued revising…

The most annoying thing about the song is the way it invites singing along to it whilst throwing shapes but is an impossibly high key!

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The 80’s was the best decade for music by a mile imo.:clown_face:

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i am sure you could tailor some pants to make it possible,…

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Next question… Why wasn’t this a number one whilst that shit smear on the charts of 1984 (WEG) was?

I think under normal conditions, it would have made it to number 1 but it picked a hell of a time to be in the charts.


Indeed, I don’t own any of the above either