AT33ptgii, Jelco 12" and cable, Oyaide headshell

FS owned from new with box and all paperwork. Just over a year old, used 50/50 next to the cdp so no more 300hrs, probably less.

Sounds great and can be demo’d here if req.


Jelco SA750L 12"

Bought as a package with my TT, no original box however I’ve made a box for it with good protection for shipping.

Comes with both light and heavy counterweight. Light marking on the headshell where the cart attaches and also on the arm pillar where it is held in place with the grub screw otherwise nice and clean.


Oyaide carbon headshell, as new, bought from Analogue Seduction September last year. Can’t find the box grrr. rrp £209

Fabulous thing, really lifted the performance of the Jelco


Jelco JAC501 tonearm cable straight din to phono, 1.2m

Nice cheap arm cable

£50 shipped.

Offered here first, more pics available if req.

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Yes please

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Blimey, that’s quick. I’ll PM details

Almost takes you back

PTG, Oyaide and Jelco arm all sold.

Jelco cable still available