Audio Abattoir - A pictorial illustration


If I could only obtain one type of meat, for the rest of my life, the pig would win

by a country mile.


Yes, the pig is a good all-rounder with bacon the jewel in the crown but a life without a fillet steak accompanied by a Roquefort and whisky sauce is not worth contemplating.


Choose one.

It’s the pig.



It’s the cow. You still get sausages, you get salt beef to replace bacon, you get burgers and as mentioned earlier, the lovely tender steak. Did I mention the ribs and the tongue?


Oh, you’re vegan?


Tories agree.


Inferior to pork sausages

That’s a joke, right?

Ok, I’ll give you that

Pork loin FTW

Get to fuck



No. I’ll admit it’s not as tasty as bacon but it is delicious in its own way. However, as I said bacon is the jewel in the pig’s crown and so it does not compete with salt beef, it must fight the jewel in the crown of the cow, fillet steak. If I had to choose between steak and bacon it would be steak for me.

Could any civilised person entertain a life without Goulash?

Pork loin? Get to fuck. If it’s your second visit to the girlfriend’s parents’ house and its pork loin rather than steak on the menu, you know her mother doesn’t rate you.


Genuinely LOL


Never achieved that feat

Thankfully :grinning:

Apart from Lou’s dad, who was a gem


Pig pig pig pig.


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs


Has to be pig.
Jamon Iberico…from a pig…fed on acorns…




It’s all about pie. And flutes.





Insufficient flab to be relevant or humorous on this site. Are you being post-modern with your vision of the AA? Opportunity to make soup or a nice long pig consommé perhaps?