Audio Abattoir - A pictorial illustration





Sure Hifi is common ground but many are over it or simply poodle with kit. I would put the mince pie thread up as more entertaining than any hifi thread this board has had to endure.


Last year’s live stream of consciousness Eurovision thread was epic entertainment too.


What I like about this gaf is that many are into their end game with audio. Yes there’s lots of knowledge here for sure but the best part is the fun. Balance the volume on the audio and this place has something no where else does. This is why I get the shitz with hifi newbies and cable talk.


What I like is that there are many in their final stages of alcoholism, the entire population is like the cast of “Waiting for God” and nobody really gives much of a fuck about anything, despite verbalising loudly that they do.

Great fun !




didn’t think it was THAT cold Pete.


Yes, it shrunk a lot.




Useful for all sorts of AA related situations.


If we’re looking for mug related AA illustrations

For newbies

Then, once you’re established



I’d like to award you bonus points for That is the work of a genius. How did this place get called when more imaginative (and probably appropriate) names such as,,, or even were possibly available. Very poor decision in hindsight.


A quite astonishing number of bell ends have clicked on those links. is in the lead at the moment tho :thinking:


I get it, I truly do, and at times I’m so far beyond my limited wits’ end with hifi-related cuntery of a scale and ambition that makes most on here look like tyros in the Cunting Game that I’m ready to go postal.

Trying to flog the damned stuff - trying to flog anything I suspect - is like a game of Cunt Toppers where each cunt tries to outdo the last one… But then, just to make sure you never quite settle into a groove of loathing and despair, the occasional nice, decent, honest, decisive, well-informed person rocks-up and buys something - and that really fucks with my head…

But setting aside the fact I’m possibly the least-well-suited person in the history of mercantile endeavour, by some fucking twisted miracle, I do actually still enjoy twatting-about with hifi and listening to music. Problem for me is being a cunt of epic proportions, never mind loathesome-dealerscum, ordinary forums just don’t cut it - too many brain-donors, too-few shit puns, nowhere near enough cursing and blaspheming and poo jokes.

So, yeh, TL;DR - apologies for the hifi shit, I’ll try and :zipper_mouth_face: it.


Nasty looking hernia


Man that would be porntastic if it were real.

Don’t tell me you’ve never looked at those beauties at the fishmongers, on their glistening cold beds, eyes fixated on you with that lovely shimmering smooth skin, and thought ‘you sure got a pretty mouth’




No love for though. I was hoping the Stronzetto voters would be all over that like a particularly nasty rash.