Audio Abattoir - A pictorial illustration


I don’t remember that…

:flushed: :thinking:


Twice the usual dosage of rohypnol??




You want them to remember a bit.



Kurt Weinhold - Homo Sapiens, 1929


Needs a better table for that kind of DHT headphone amp. Otherwise spot on.


Plenty of meat on him.


Clearly practicing for Naked Wednesday…




Jack would have made a great meatman, the butchery starts from about 7 minutes


Watched that the other day.

30 years since I last did that.


It’s such an evocative programme - I used to watch it with my Grandpa every week everybody else in the family hated it. The music gets me every time.


Omg, did you see the fat and rind on those chops :heart_eyes:


The beauty of the pig.

As animals go, it has to be the best!



I liked the story of how they used to burn the bristle off and how it made the crackling taste smokey…


Did you per chance click on Guys video of the dog, for some bizarre reason I had that jack Hargreaves video in the youtube sidebar thing.


This ^^^

I was an obsessive angler and used to watch every programme in the hope of some fishing action. Mostly I was disappointed as he Jack got into reed weaving or whatever country craft was soup de jour.


“Chum and chop”

Jonathan Meades