Audio Innovations P2 no power

Who could fix this unit? I’m told it is not working because of a short in the output transformer. It was serviced with lots of replaced components last year.
Any pointers much appreciated, though it has to be said I am not capable of going anywhere near this.

Where are you?

Who by?

Welcome by the way :smile:

Hello. Thanks for the interest. I’m in Glasgow, and the P2 was serviced by a local chap who mostly works for local audio shops: he has no suggestions on how to fix this problem, though.

Was it Jim?

No :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yes. I think his name is Jim Sideserf. When I first got it back from him, my whole setup was sweet.

There aren’t output transformers in the P2. Just a mains and 2 chokes.

Is anything coming on? valve filaments for example?

Have you checked the fuse in the mains inlet socket?

Yes, mains transformer is what l meant. Nothing is coming on at all.

Fuse blown?

I should go on record as saying that I’m not a fan of Jim Sideserf. As he doesn’t fancy it, you could speak to Mike Daw and see what he has to say. Mike is a helpful chap.

Yes, I understand fuses blow instantly. I’ll certainly give this Mike Daw a call. Thanks.

The original power transformer (& chokes) were made by SP Wound components in Dorset who, when the owner retired, became a part of Majestic Transformers.

I think they may have inherited all the blueprints of the AI transformers. Anyhow, the P2 transformer was called A6025/4 so they may either be able to repair / rewind yours or make another one. Worth asking anyway.

Otherwise you might be able to get one of these to work (with some frigging) ie running the rectifier and the 5687 off the same 6.3V winding.

The original spec was something like

250-0-250V @ 60mA
6.3V @ 1A for the EZ80
6.3V @ 1.5A for the 5687
12V @ 2.5A for the 83 & 82 filament supply


or ask JMS transformers to make you a new one to the spec Guy has suggested.