Audio Innovations P2 one channel down

I’ve been trying to isolate a left channel issue on my P2, and have got a bit stuck. Symptom is that the left channel has lost most of its gain / output level. I can still hear music with my ear close to the speaker, but when I stand back in a normal listening position the sound is centred somewhere close to the other speaker.

I’ve tried swapping valves, in case one is playing up, but none of them made any difference - both signal and PSU valves.

I then checked the audio circuit voltages against the chart @murrayjohnson gave me - all are close to the expected values.

Looking at the passive components, none has any visible damage, but one pin connector on the ECC83 socket (V3) looks a bit dark and dirty:

It’s one down from top left, pin 2 (grid) I think, and I’m wondering if that looks normal or not and, if not, how best to fix it. Is there an effective way to clean it or am I going to have to replace the socket?

For comparison, here’s the other socket in the phono circuit (V6), looking a bit cleaner:

Calling @murrayjohnson , @Valvebloke , @sjs or anyone who can help - any advice greatly appreciated!

That darkened hole in the socket does correspond to the Left channel grid connection on that valve base so worth checking that there’s continuity between R5 & C7 and that point.


Take a continuity meter & hold one probe to the socket (blue arrow) and the other to ends of R5 & C7 (Red arrows). Touching the probe to either/both of those should make your meter bleep. If you have a good connection there you’ll need to search elesewhere.

If, as you suggest, all the DC conditions are as they should be, it does suggest that a signal coupling component (paper in oil cap) has gone open circuit or a joint to one of them has failed.

I must give my P2 a run out sometime. Haven’t tried it for a while.


Thanks Guy! It took a bit of a search, but after getting good continuity along the signal path, about the right capacitance values for the coupling caps on my basic meter and a lot of head-scratching, I decided to de-solder and re-flow a number of joints. Put it back together tonight and I have 2 channels again. I suspect the joint at the valve socket but can’t be certain - don’t really care as I have tunes back :grin:

Thanks again for the advice and pointers :+1:


Nice. I had a J7 rebuilt Xenon on my Voyd for a while. Great combination esp with the Io gold I had at the time.

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+1 - borrowing your Xenon is what led to me acquiring my HR100S, those arms just seem to work really well on the Voyd.


While we’re on Voyd’s, I’d appreciate knowing if anybody rates the 2 motor (standard ?) Valdi ?

Better than my Denon DP-80 ?


I have a FR64FX (silver wired) and an IO1 to try out on it, should give some interesting combinations - just need to get on and cut the new arm board, finish the case for the SUT etc…

The FR64s is the nicest sounding arm I’ve tried on it. Quite a different presentation to the Alphason maybe less explicit but more colourful sweet and relaxed.


Hope the FX is something like that - I guess it should have a family sound

They are good decks, well worth trying out if you cannot get a Voyd.
Will have different sound to a Denon DD , you’ll have to try it and find out.

But I lived with a Technics DD for some time and much prefer the Voyd I have now.

More of a sense of a stage with real depth to the music.

The Techie just didn’t give me this.

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