Audionote JP S9 SUT


I grabbed this from Simon but I’m having a clear out of bits and bobs and scaling down the madness…

Simons Ebay ad.

Price is £1050 shipped to an AA member. Private sale, bank transfer please.


What’s the difference between the Jap S9 and the AN Uk version? (apart from the price)


Levels of magic dust included. The UK S9 has a much larger case so can hold more foo particles inside.


Does it have silver wired transformers like the Uk version?


Unfortunately only 99.99% silver. :frowning_face:



Can you do a proper scan of the sheet that comes with it?
There’s some useful information on it from what i can see.


I scan it most evenings Guy, in between bath time and bed time, it’s a really fun read.


Symphony of the air … this is made for @Jim :smile:


Presumably this is an Io-only ratio?




No. I think it gives about 1:44 so should also lend itself for use with the likes of SPU’s & other lowish o/p MCs.




You are of course correct


When I zoomed in on the data sheet it clearly states that


It’s why I’d like a copy as the sheet seems to cover all those early models & have some other handy stuff. I hadn’t seen it before.


Happy to email it to you for only £20


Actually I might try this on my SPU. Withdrawal from sale. :grin:


Aww just about to buy it as well :confused:


Ok, if its’s shit i’ll drop you a PM :fist:


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