Audionote JP S9 SUT


Afirmatory Sir!


I fucking :heart: LOVE :heart: it when a dealer fucks-about as much as the average punter!

You go gurrl!!! WOOT!!!




Sound good with the SPU?


Dunno, haven’t been arsed to try it yet.
Went out last night, got smashed and pissed in my sock draw and too hung over today.


At least you didn’t try to operate your document scanner or you’d have been posting dick pics at 3 in the morning.


it’s a flatbed scanner not bmtell’s electron microscope.




I think this is a southern thing. Southerners are strongly averse to pronouncing their 'r’s which is probably how drawer gets abbreviated.


Are you advocating that we write phonetically, here? :smiley:


Heaven forfend :wink:

Merely postulating that errors like ‘top draw’ and ‘highly sort after’ wouldn’t come about if you pronounced sort or drawer with the r.


There is no r in sought.


He orta know that


The water in Majorca doesn’t taste like that


Finally dragged the SPU round a record with the S9 connected. Sounds good.





So, what’s it to be?

Selling or keeping?


Depends, if anyone wants to buy it I’ll keep it.